Integrate Pool to JunoSwap UI

General instructions for integration of your AMM pool into the UI

To enable your pool to be visible and useable on the user interface, you must:

  1. create formatted JSON according to the template provided;

  2. fork the junoswap-asset-list repository on GitHub;

  3. add your pool data to token_list.json; and

  4. submit a PR to be assessed and merged.

Please carefully follow these instructions so that your pull request is not rejected.

Create JSON for integration

The following example JSON is to integrate native JUNO and IBC SCRT pool into the user interface.

You will need to use the swap_address that was returned when you created your AMM pool. See here for instructions.

You must ensure that your pool_id is unique and formatted correctly or your pull request will be rejected. Please use the dominant token first, followed by - and then your secondary token.

      "id": "secret",
      "pool_id": "JUNO-SCRT",
      "chain_id": "secret-4",
      "token_address": "",
      "swap_address": "juno1zz8vspvcq7a3t40sy6xfxa3yk8wuy3vr8clyn3pt8pthpucnvpyqes54md",
      "symbol": "SCRT",
      "name": "SCRT",
      "decimals": 6,
      "logoURI": "",
      "tags": ["native"],

pool_id: unique id

chain_id: source chain id or juno-1 if token

token address: cw20 token address or empty if native

swap address: swap contract address

Fork the assets GitHub repo and add json

You will need to fork the junoswap-asset-list repository:

After forking the repository, locate the asset list: junoswap-asset-list/token_list.json

Edit this file. Scroll to the bottom of the list and add your JSON to the end of the tokens array in the same manor as all the other pool entries. Please ensure you ad a , to the preceding JSON closing curly brace.

Submit a PR with your changes with the following name:

Add <pool_id>

Replace <pool_id> with the one used in your JSON.

Monitor your pull request and answer any questions from the team, and make modifications as requested.

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