Connect Keplr + Deposit Assets

This tutorial will show the user how to connect their Keplr wallet to the AMM and deposit assets from other native blockchains to the Juno Network for use on the AMM.

Connect Keplr

JunoSwap at this stage of development can only be operated by connecting your Keplr web 3 browser extension wallet. Instructions of setting up your keplr wallet can be found here.

Click the "Connect Keplr" button on the menu sidebar.

Keplr may ask you to approve the connection to the platform. Click "Approve" to continue.

Ensure that you have your desired account selected in the Keplr wallet.

After connecting, you wallet name and balance will show in place of the Connect Keplr button.

Deposit tokens to Juno Network

To be able to use tokens from other native networks, we must first transfer these assets to the Juno Network. This is made easy providing deposit and withdraw function of the "Transfer" page of

To begin the process, first select the "Transfer" page from the sidebar menu.

From the transfer page, find the asset you would like to deposit and locate and click the "Deposit" button on that asset line.

You will be presented with a window requesting access to your Keplr account associated with that asset. Select "Approve" to continue.

The deposit window will now show your available balance on the native chain. Type in the amount you would like to deposit onto JunoSwap and click "Deposit".

Approve the Keplr transaction after checking the transaction details. This action will create an IBC transfer from the host chain to Juno Network.

After successfully depositing you assets, they will be shown on the "My tokens" list.

Your tokens are now available for use on the platform.

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