Add or Remove Liquidity

Addiing liquidity to JunoSwap will allow you to earn passive income through various reward functions. These functions include:

  • Collection of swap fees from individuals using the swap function of JunoSwap. Your swap fees are calculated based on the percentage of the liquidity pool that your portion of liquidity represents. For example, if you had $50 in a liquidity pool with a total of $100, your liquidity would represent 50% of the pool. These fees are automatically added to your total liquidity as they are incurred.

  • Liquidity incentives. There are various incentive mechanisms which reward liquidity providers in the form of additional tokens. These rewards are credited directly to your Juno wallet address.

This tutorial will show show the user how to add liquidity to JunoSwap through the user interface.

Add liquidity to pool

Begin by selecting the liquidity page on JunoSwap.

You will then be presented with a page that displays all of the available trading pairs on JunoSwap. Select the par you would like to add liquidity too by by click the liquidity pair card. We will be selecting the "JUNO-HUAHUA" pair for this tutorial.

You will be presented with the pool page. Select "Add liquidity from the Your liquidity card.

You will be presented with the Manage liquidity dialogue box. Enter the amount you would like to deposit for either asset. The other asset amount will auto populate based on the current pool swap rate. click the black box to continue. For this tutorial we will deposit 1000 HUAHUA with the Juno field auto populated.

Check and approve the transaction in the Keplr popup window.

Congratulations, you have added liquidity which will now be shown under My pools on your liquidity page.

Remove liquidity

To remove liquidity, you can select the pool liquidity pair card from My Pools section of the Liquidity page by clicking the card.

You will be presented with the page for the selected liquidity pool, in this case, the Juno + HUAHUA pool. Select "Manage liquidity".

You will then be presented with a dialogue window where you can manage your liquidity for the pair. Select the "Remove" tab and then either enter or select the percentage of your liquidity you would like to remove. For this tutorial we will remove all the liquidity. Click "Remove liquidity after you have made your selection.

You will be presented with a Keplr transaction popup window. Review the transaction and click "Approve".

Congratulations, you have successfully removed your liquidity. Your funds will be credited to your Juno wallet.

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